Glomar Offshore B.V. expansion // glomar

Glomar Offshore B.V. is pleased to inform our clients and suppliers, in parallel to the occasion of celebrating our 10th year anniversary, of the founding of ‘Glomar Offshore Ltd’ in the United Kingdom, as an integral part of our expansion strategy.

The process of establishing a UK entity, initiated even before Britain’s vote for exit from the European Union, is a natural step towards better covering our core North Sea markets and creating significant business opportunities across the region.

With approximately 25% of our fleet of 20 units deployed in the British Continental Shelf at any given time, either for ERRV or Subsea scopes, the UK remains a focus area for our group.
“With this new start-up, we are really looking forward to new endeavors and make it as successful as our Dutch based organization.” Says Dennis Beintema, CFO of Glomar.

Glomar is a member of the Emergency Response and Rescue Vessel Association.

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