DCN Diving completed the Gode Wind 1 and 2 OWF grouting hoses removal project // glomar

During the harsh months of November and December DCN International Diving and Marine Contractors from Bergen op Zoom has successfully removed all grouting hoses at the OWP Gode Wind 1&2. A total of 97 locations have been visited to remove the 5,5 grouting hoses, which were cut and removed with in house developed tools, mounted on a Saab Seaeye Cougar XT ROV.

DCN contracted GloMar Shipmanagement for the charter of the GLOMAR WAVE were the Cougar XT ROV with Tether Management System (TMS) was installed. The ROV is equipped with a manipulator skid and a unique hydraulic cutter for cutting the 5,5 grouting hoses, which were completely filled with a high tensile grout. After cutting the hose, the remains were recovered with the 23 metres CT deck crane and stored on deck.

Arjan Bol, General Manager DCN Germany says: “Completing the project at this time of the year was a challenge by itself, the team effort on board the GLOMAR WAVE and the effectivity of our in house developed tools made it possible to reach a record setting work phase. At a certain stage of the project we were able to remove 20 hoses on 10 locations in 24 hours’ time! With a little help of perfect weather conditions of course.”